Welcome to My Website!
Welcome to My Website!
Gemhunter178 - Artist of many mediums!

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This site is a Work in Progress!

Update for October 16th, 12019: Some small updates, getting ready to rework the website, new gallery pictures will be up very soon though. I've been more active on my twitter account, if you want to see some of my newer work sooner!

Also, I am now looking for a summer co-op/internship for 2020 in games and/or engineering! Resumes will be out soon.

About Me

Hi! I'm Jason Chen, a mostly self-taught artist/designer specializing in.... whatever I get my hands on! Feel free to check the gallery to see some works/projects/tests I have made! Do contact me if you have any inquiries!


I've done prop building, woodworking, origami, painting, drawing (both digitally and physically), laser cutting, some glasswork, and maybe some bonsai training... So, I already know some mediums! Something not listed? I'm quick to learn anything thrown at me!


I love making art! It's my passion! So, I'm self-taught in most of my art and design skills, and I'm self motivated to learn any new mediums or programs. I am also willing to communicate with others to improve my skills! To me, "no one ever stops learning"!

Creating Whatever Comes to Mind

Many of the things I do or learn came from some thought I had in my head... Want to see some of the results?

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Massachusetts, USA

Email: info@gemhunter178.com

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