Welcome to the Gallery!

This page contains a mix of the things I do! To explore more of my work, click on any of the mediums listed below. Click on any image to see it in its own screen.

Welcome to my website!<br>The main banner image in glorious 4K A sunrise at Good Harbor Beach, in MA, USA. Taken 8/26/12018 This is made from a composite of 2 raw photos taken 5/23/12018, in an attempt to resolve some stars in the night sky (some are visible if one looks closely near the top, but may be hard to see from noise)
An Elm Leaf carved into a granny smith Dragon Fruit arranged in yogurt! These thin slices were not easy. This is a cube of solid African Blackwood, hand polished by me.<br>Note: I do not usually use threatened woods, this is a cut off from others A painting (acrylic) of a cat, finished June 7, 12015
Some wooden spheres I made, finished with some pen wax A Flower carved into a beet. Yes, a beet. Curly Maple plate! Finished with 3+ coats of tung oil A painting (acrylic) of a flower, finished June 16, 12013